About Us...And You




If a group of friends who care, and a spiritual perspective that won't bore you to sleep, make a difference in your life, we could be the place for you.


Whether you are a single parent, two-career family, white or blue collar professional, married, single, young, or mature, we have something to offer.


Our Worship Team provides an upbeat variety of contemporary and traditional music.


Our weekly life message is a creative exploration of wisdom from the scriptures presented in an understandable and attention-capturing format.


We welcome everyone to join our family for fellowship.


Please look at our website for upcoming special services and events.




Friends discovering the way together!


Visit Fairfield Community Church and find new friends.


  • Sunday Classes for children, youth and adults.

  • Nursery care for children up to 3 years.

  • Sunday music and Life Message.

  • Group Bible Studies.

  • Friendship Network.





We are committed to building healthy relationships within our church family that have positive impacts on our life, community and world.





We are committed to honoring God in all activities ~ fostering an atmosphere to draw people to a worship experience focused on God, presented in understandable terms.





We are committed to helping people maximize their life potential through a practical understanding of God's Word ~ in the context of friends "discovering the way together."





We are committed to wise investment of life's resources ~ optimized for service to God, community and the world.




Praise God!

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